JumpPanel Beta 1.0

Know when people have been interfering with your files


  • See what files on your PC have been updated or modified immediately
  • Also works with folders
  • Notifies about deleted files


  • Takes a little while to learn how to use


JumpPanel is a useful application for Windows PC users who want to know when the files on their computer have been updated, modified or deleted.

From the developers who created Syncing.net, which lets you sync and share files and Microsoft Outlook data, JumpPanel is a great resource for those who have multiple users on the same computer. JumpPanel creates an easy-to-read list of all files that have had changes made to them since the last time you accessed your computer. If someone tampers with or alters a document of yours, you'll be the first to know.

JumpPanel works with both single files and folders. You can create groups for work or personal projects. Whenever changes, additions or deletions are made to your files or folders, a program icon will flash to inform or warn you. You can also very conveniently use JumpPanel as a repository for websites and updating bookmarks online.

The tool might take a little messing around with to really get a sense of how it works, but once you figure it, out users will find JumpPanel to be a very useful resource.



JumpPanel Beta 1.0

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